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La Dualidad de Bruna

You'll notice quickly, when you meet Sasha, that she is in love with life and people. She finds beauty in everything and everyone.

When Sasha met Bruna in Spain she immediately saw there was an interesting story to be told so she started shooting right then and there with her iPhone. Bruna is fashion designer for Barcelona fashion house Lurdes Bergada and independent artist – La Dualidad de Bruna (The Duality of Bruna). Bruna’s formidable imagination spills out onto her sketchbooks where she works up stories of life and death and transformation, which she then uses to create dolls.

Bruna loves spontaneity so it’s not surprising when in between moving homes she found herself without her painting supplies yet needed to get some new ideas down on paper so she was inspired to draw in her sketchbook with make-up. “Make-up is something I identify with. Because of the tones/hues it produces some really beautiful things”. The drawings are the basis of character studies for her doll creations involving tragic stories where the subject has died in a heroic or creatively adventurous way. A reoccurring story theme in Bruna’s creations is conjoined twins, which deals with the trauma of separation. Bruna tells us the story about a prince who falls in love with one of the twins but not the other. He invites them over for a romantic dinner and in the process of separating them they die. Only in the afterlife do they become reunited again. Every one of her doll creations is unique with a provocative story to tell.

This was the inspiration for a return visit with her proper camera gear. “Bruna explores vast life questions in such a poetic and unusual way. She embodies the idea of duality. The siamese twin theme is completely alluring to me. The idea that two souls are so connected that one cannot live without the other- I love this. We see this film as the beginning. We’ve scratched the surface and now we are working to bring our next collaboration into focus”.

The resulting short film is a remarkably casual and candid exploration of how Bruna’s creative ideas are ignited and brought to life.

La Dualidad De Bruna